Find Your Perfect 2017 Super Bowl Ticket Package

By Victoria Barnett

Find Your Perfect 2017 Super Bowl Ticket Package

Good news! Official Pro Football Hall of Fame Experiences Ticket Packages are now available for Super Bowl LI. There are 15 different options for you to choose from – crazy, right?

To make your life a little easier and the decision less complicated, we are breaking down the packages by seating location so you can find the right one for you. Each package includes hospitality access, but the seating locations for the Super Bowl range from lower level sidelines to 300 level corners to upper level end zones and all that’s in between.

Let’s get started!

Enjoy Hospitality Access

Each Super Bowl Ticket Package includes access to the all-inclusive Official Pro Football Hall of Fame Pregame Party which includes:

  • Gourmet Food
  • Top Shelf Premium Open Bar
  • Pro Football Hall of Famer Appearances
  • Live Entertainment
  • Interactive Entertainment Elements

Pick Your Seat

The biggest difference between the packages is where you will sit. Below you can see a general chart that breaks down which package groups (Gold, Silver, Bronze) include which type of seating location.





Lower Level Sidelines



Lower Level Corners



Lower Level End Zones



300 Level Sidelines



300 Level Corners



300 Level End Zones



Upper Level Sidelines



Upper Level Corners



Upper Level End Zones



Here are three separate seatings charts starting with Gold, followed by Silver and ending with Bronze.

Super Bowl 51 Seatin Chart All Gold

Super Bowl 51 Seating Chart All Silver

Now let’s get more specific. Check out the available packages based on the seating location you would prefer. You can view the specific locations in the seating charts above. 

Lower Level Sidelines

Gold A

  • Prime Sidelines – Between the 30's | Sections 105-108, 125-128

Gold B

  • Prime Sidelines - Between the 10 & 30-Yard Line | Sections 103-104, 109-110, 123-124, 129-130

Lower Level Corners

Silver E

  • Lower Level Corners | Sections 101-102, 111-113, 120-122, 131-133, 140

Lower Level End Zones

Silver F

  •  Lower Level End Zones | Sections 114-119, 134-139

300 Level Sidelines

Gold C

  • Club Level Prime Sidelines - Between the 30’s | Sections 308-311, 336-339

Gold D 

  • Club Level Sidelines - Between the 10 & 30-Yard Line | Sections 306-307, 312-313, 334-335, 340-341

300 Level Corners

Silver G 

  • 300 Level Corners | Sections 301-305, 314-317, 329-333, 342-346

300 Level End Zones

Silver H

  • 300 Level End Zones | Sections 319-328, 347-356

Upper Level Sidelines

Bronze I

  • 500 Level Sidelines - Between the 10's| Sections 505-511, 531-537

Bronze L

  • 600 Level Sidelines - Between the 30's | Sections 607-610, 622-636

Bronze M

  • 600 Level Sidelines - Goal Line - 30's | Sections 605-606, 611-612, 631-632, 637-638

Upper Level Corners

Bronze J

  • 500 Level Corners | Sections 501-504, 512-515, 527-530, 538-541

Bronze N

  • 600 Level Corners | Sections 601-604, 613-616, 627-630, 639-642

Upper Level End Zones

Bronze K

  • 500 Level End Zones | Sections 516-526, 542-552

Bronze O 

  • Upper Level End Zones | Sections 617-626, 643-652, 717-726, 743-752


Elsa / Getty Images

Add Travel and Accommodations

In addition to your package, you can add a 3 or 4-night hotel stay which includes transportation to and from the game. Here are your accommodation options:

3-Night Hotel Stay

Check-in Feb. 3, 2017, Check-out Feb. 6, 2017

  • Wyndham Houston

4-Night Hotel Stay

Check-in Feb. 2, 2017, Check-out Feb. 6, 2017

  • DoubleTree Greenway
  • Omni Houston

Attend Super Bowl LI

Did you find the perfect 2017 Super Bowl ticket package? Hopefully, the process wasn’t as challenging as it seems. Now that you know which packages are most appealing, you can start moving towards a decision.

You’re one step closer to making your way to Houston for Super Bowl LI. With an Official HOF Experiences Ticket Package, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime!  Click below to learn more about the various ticket package options as well as view pricing for each individual package.

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