How Are Super Bowl Locations Selected?

By Allie Shriver

Future Super Bowl Locations Have Been Chosen!

Admit it. You love football. You think of the seasons as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football. That’s okay – I do to too. Every year I plan big trips, parties, and family gatherings around football season. As you can imagine, this means the Super Bowl is as big of a deal in my house as Christmas. This makes it vital for me to know when and where each Super Bowl is. Luckily for people like me, they tell us several years in advance which city and stadium are hosting. Here is the schedule for the next four seasons: 

2020 Super Bowl     Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

2021 Super Bowl     Raymond James Stadium. Tampa, Florida

2022 Super Bowl     LA Stadium at Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California


I bet you’re wondering how these cities are chosen. I have a few insights for you on this. After placing a bid with the selection committee, cities are put through a rigorous vetting process. Several factors are taken into consideration when choosing the best cities for the Super Bowl. While I won’t get into the messy details, cities who are vying for a Super Bowl make A LOT of concessions for the committee. This is a huge economic boost for each city which makes it such a coveted honor.

Each city that makes it to the final round is given the opportunity to present their case for fifteen minutes and each team owner from that city is given five minutes to make a plea. All of this combines with the following factors to land a Super Bowl.   


Weather is a huge factor when hosting a Super Bowl for obvious reasons. The game is held in February which means warm is always better. This helps prevent any weather delays for travel and game day. I know you’re thinking –how did Minneapolis get a Super Bowl? Well, the new stadium has a dome. The dome is a small reassurance that the game will be warm and dry.

New Stadiums:

Speaking of new stadiums – after 2017, four Super Bowls are being held at brand new stadiums. Building your stadium after you receive confirmation of hosting a Super Bowl can help owners design their stadium to fit the Super Bowl committee’s requests. Hosting the game at a new stadium also helps elevate the experience for guests. Not only does this benefit the NFL, it truly benefits the city and the stadium itself.


A huge factor for selecting a city is the amount of accommodations available. The more quality hotels, restaurants, and city capacity the better the chances of being chosen. Each of the next five hosts boast thousands of hotel rooms, hundreds of restaurants, and plenty of parking for the game. These hotels will be booked at least a year out for at least five days by media, sponsors, and fans – on top of the teams and their staff who will be playing in the game.

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