How to Attend the 2021 Super Bowl on a Budget

By Evan Chronis

Attending the 2021 Super Bowl doesn't have to be a blank check affair. 

While often spoken about as one of the most bank-breaking events in sports, the final game of the NFL season can be something that anyone can attend as long as they think ahead.   

All it takes is a budgeting plan. 

It may be a word that scares many off, but budgeting isn't always about pinching pennies — it's about being conscious of exactly what you're spending your money on and making the best decisions to ensure that you're not being taken advantage of or paying at inflated rates. 

With that in mind, we want to teach you how you can easily attend the 2021 Super Bowl on a budget. 

Choose Upper Level Seats

Let's kick things off with the most obvious tip that we can provide. 

If you are truly looking to attend the 2021 Super Bowl with a strict budget, make sure you choose Upper Level seating at Raymond James Stadium. 

This is your 300-level seating, but not every seat at that level is created equal. 

Given the height and view of the field, the cheapest tickets will be at the Upper Level Corner. These will typically be your cheapest option at any NFL stadium you attend. 

Upper Level Tickets 2021 Super Bowl

As far as the rest of the Upper Level seats go, it's pretty self-explanatory. Corner seats are slightly cheaper than your typical Upper Level sideline seats, but both are still a worthwhile proposition if you're trying to stick to a tight budget. 

While the Upper Level seats are technically the furthest view from the action, your goal is just to get into the door. It's also worth mentioning that Raymond James Stadium is one of the smallest NFL stadiums (its 65,890 seating capacity ranks 24th in the league), so you won't feel like you're miles away from what is happening on the field.  

Book Your Hotel When You Purchase Your Tickets

When you finally hit the purchase button on your 2021 Super Bowl tickets, the first thing to do is congratulate yourself — you're headed to the biggest sporting event of the year. 

Once you're done with that, now it's time to book your hotel room. 

The No.1 mistake people can make is creating a gap between the time that they purchase tickets and when they book their hotel. If it's something that you put off for months or even weeks, it will cost you money. 

As you probably know, hotel pricing fluctuates consistently and prices will rise as the 2021 Super Bowl gets closer and fewer rooms are available. So why not tackle two tasks at once? 

If you know you'll be in Tampa the weekend of February 7, lock down your hotel room right away. You'll be saving yourself money and also are able to account for your expenses early so that you can plan around other things you'll need to spend on the trip. 

Avoid Ride Sharing 

If you're an avid user with Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing services — you know about surge pricing. 

For those unfamiliar, surge pricing is when a company like Uber or Lyft will increase its rates (sometimes exponentially) during timed periods of high demand. 

And guess when demand is at one of its highest points during the year? You guessed it.

With the high influx of people coming into Tampa for the 2021 Super Bowl, ridesharing prices will skyrocket, especially during Sunday. 

During the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MPR News tracked Uber's surge pricing throughout every hour of the day. What they found was that prices range from 1.5-2X the normal rates for most of the day, even hitting higher than 3X regular pricing early in the morning and right after the game ended. 

Obviously surge pricing is something you can track after the event and is very difficult to accurately predict, but we feel comfortable saying that similar or higher rates will be seen in Tampa on February 7. 

This plays a big role when you're budgeting because it's an unpredictable cost. You can say you only want to spend X amount of dollars to get around, but you can't accurately account for how much transportation will truly cost. 

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Every piece of advice listed above all comes back to this one theme -- do not wait to make financial decisions regarding the 2020 Super Bowl. Planning is always the best way to save money, even if you think you can swing better deals by waiting until the event gets closer. 

Many outsider suggestions will recommend waiting until the matchup is set to buy Super Bowl tickets because the market may be lower depending on the teams. While this is technically correct, it doesn't account for the other plans and accommodations needed to make a trip out of it. 

You may luck out and find a cheap ticket and hotel availability two weeks out from the game, but that's a very big IF, especially for a bucket list item.  

For the cost-conscious, try to plan your trip out fully as early as possible. Trust us, it will save you money. 

Which leads to our last point....

Attend with a 2021 Super Bowl Ticket Package

What if every problem point listed above can be solved in one fell swoop? 

For those truly looking to avoid the hidden costs of attending the 2021 Super Bowl and making sure everything is taken care of, attend the game with Hall of Fame Experiences. 

These all-inclusive packages provide a game ticket to the 2021 Super Bowl, plus the option to add a 3-night hotel stay (Feb. 4-Feb. 7) at a local Tampa hotel and ground transportation to and from the hotel and stadium. That eliminates the need to find lodging after buying your ticket and saves you from suffering at the hands of ridesharing surge prices. 

But there's more — 2021 Super Bowl Ticket Packages give you access to the Saturday Gold Jacket Autograph Session and the Gold Jacket Club, a 3-hour pre-game party with premium accommodations. 

HOF Experiences offers two different Upper Level Package options — Blue F & Blue E — which are the most cost-efficient bundles while still being in line with all of our advice. 

Super Bowl LIII_Tailgate Party_Tyler Church-52

And lastly — it's one price. When you hit purchase on a 2021 Super Bowl Ticket Package, you have the luxury of knowing that your game ticket, hotel, your most important transportation and the majority of the food you'll eat on Sunday are already taken care of. 

Click below to see all 2021 Super Bowl Ticket Packages and start planning your trip to Tampa. 

2021 Super Bowl Ticket Packages