How to Have the Best Experience at the Super Bowl

By Victoria Barnett

HOF Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is such an iconic event that it only makes sense to have the grandest experience possible. Go big or go home, right?

To some individuals, the simple act of attending the Super Bowl is enough, but then there are those who really want to make it the trip of a lifetime. This means phenomenal seats (after all, you want to be front and center for the action) and other exceptional amenities that add a cherry on top to the game.

Ready to plan your experience? Let’s get started.

Best Seats in the House

Your seating location is hands down the most important aspect of attending the Super Bowl.

In general, the most coveted seats are on the 50-yard line (or between the 30-yard lines). It makes sense. You have a wider scope of the field and are where most of the action occurs. If sitting between the 30-yard lines doesn’t suit your fancy, however, sitting between the 10 and 30 yard lines is the next most appealing seating location. You have excellent views of the end zone – where the real excitement happens – and still can maintain an overall view of the field.

When it comes to the level you sit in, lower level and club level are the most ideal. Lower level will get you closer to the action; club level provides an elevated view of the stadium. It’s really a win-win either way; it just depends on your preference for which one you choose.

Our gold packages are right up your alley if you are looking for the best seats at the game.

Gold Level A: Prime Sidelines between the 30’s | Sections 105-108, 125-128

Gold Level B: Prime Sidelines between the 10 & 30-Yard Line | Sections 103-104, 109-110, 123-124 and 129-130

Gold Level C: Club Level Prime Sidelines between the 30’s | Sections 308-311, 336-339

Gold Level D: Club Level Sidelines between the 10 & 30-Yard Line | Sections 306-307, 312-313, 334-335 and 340-341

Super Bowl 51 Seating Chart All Gold

Party It Up

It’s not the Super Bowl without a party first. To get you pumped up for the game (or should I say, even more pumped up than you already will be), we like to kick things off with an Official Pro Football Hall of Fame Pregame Party. We want to make sure you don’t go hungry, so prepare your stomach for some delicious, gourmet food to indulge in prior to the game. We also can’t let you go thirsty, so prepare your liver for our top shelf premium open bar. Don’t worry we will have plenty of water and other beverages. Talk about living the dream prior to the game.

Now, the party doesn’t stop at food and drinks. What makes this party so different than any other party is that Pro Football Hall of Famers will be stopping by to say hi! It’s not just any day you get to see Gold Jackets at a party. Dermontti Dawson, Charles Haley, Mike Haynes, Floyd Little, Tom Mack and Kevin Greene are all scheduled to make appearances.

I personally met Dermontti Dawson and Charles Haley at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend in 2015, so I can attest to how awesome they are. These Hall of Famers are incredibly personable and have some great stories to tell. This will truly be an event you don’t want to miss out on. Learn more about the Hall of Famers here

Last, but not least, it’s not a party without live entertainment! We have that covered, too.

HOF Super Bowl

Stay and Play

Unless you are from Houston or the surrounding area, you will likely need hotel accommodations. Not to brag, but we can easily handle that for you. You tell me. Do you want a 3-night hotel stay or 4-night? Either way, we have hotels arranged for both.

You can learn more about the available hotels here.

You can also add transportation to and from the game, which would definitely be a nice bonus. Dealing with parking is not the most fun thing in the world, so keep this option in mind.

You are going to stay so you might as well play! Besides attending the Super Bowl, you should take a day or two to explore Houston. Here are a few travel tips and places to visit while in town.

DoubleTree Houston exterior

See You in Houston

By now you’re probably convinced to attend the Super Bowl – trust me, I understand. When you combine the best seats with an incredible pregame party, it’s hard to say no. So let me help you. After all, I sincerely want you to have the best experience at the Super Bowl. Whether you are attending for the first time or the 20th time, make this a trip you’ll never forget and tell stories about for years.

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