Our Texas Sized Super Bowl Menu

By Allie Shriver


We need to talk. This is serious business. If you ever thought about going to the Super Bowl, this season is the season to go. I know you're thinking why? Why this season? Well for starters, the first five weeks have been nuts! Big players have been taken down by injuries, rookies have been making a splash, and the best team in the league in 2015 has crumbled before our eyes. This Super Bowl is going to be EPIC – I  can feel it. Secondly, this year the Super Bowl is being played in Houston, Texas. The weather will be pretty nice and you’ll enjoy the escape for a few days. Lastly, you’ll be in Texas aka, where the best food in America is created. Amazing food and amazing football will combine to make one heck of a weekend!  

Let me break this down for you, Pro Football Hall of Fame Experiences can get you into the Legends Club party. It is going to be filled with amazing food and activities. You’ll be able to take a break from all the eating to watch the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga then return for round two of epic food. With our “Taste of Texas” menu, you will experience all of the amazing cuisine options that make Texas so famous for food. We’ll have three, you read that correctly, three stations of Texas deliciousness.

Mexican Infusion:

Get your fill of spicy, sweet, and everything in between at this station! Homemade tortillas will be created right before your eyes and filled with the best fajita meat you’ve ever tasted! We’ll have beans, guacamole, and the crowd favorite – QUESO! To round out the Mexican-style offerings, you’ll have your choice of churros or tres leches cupcakes (although, I would go with both)!

Traditional Texas Pride:   

If Mexican isn’t your cup of tea for a football game, don’t worry there’s an option for you! The traditional station is filled with Texas locals’ favorites. Lamb, shrimp, and crab legs are just the beginning at the station. Be on the lookout for grit cakes, salad, and Crème Brulee around here – it’s all to die for!

Live BB Station:

I know what you’re thinking, “live BBQ?” What does this mean? This means freshly smoked brisket, marinated ribs, and grilled steak on property in large smokers. How can you turn that down? You can’t. To top off this station, you have traditional BBQ fixin’s potatoes, beans, and slaw!

If you don’t think these options are enough, it’s okay. We didn’t either! There will also be passed hors d’oeuvres, football essentials, and post game food that delights. If you’re still doubting how epic this party and the food will be, here’s a sneak peek of our menu!


Be there for all of the action and food February 5th! If the donut wall doesn’t convince you, remember this: there will be Pro Football Hall of Famers at our party. You have the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the greatest names in football during the biggest event of the year! Enjoy our party along with, premium seats, exclusive access, and optional accommodations!

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