Pro Football Hall of Fame by the Numbers

By Allie Shriver

Being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is no easy feat. There are hundreds of men currently enshrined in the Hall and each one has helped shape the game of football in his own way. As the Pro Football Hall of Fame narrows down its finalists for the 2017 class, we’re taking a look at the current inductees.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is quite unique. They have honored men from the start of football all the way to current stars. The very first class was enshrined in 1963 and has continued through to today. Each year the Hall of Fame gathers a committee to decide on the men for the next class through a lengthy process, which you can read about here.  

Today, we’re taking a look at the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the numbers. You can see there is no most important position on the field; they all play a significant role in the game. Some men are born to be great football stars and some work their tails off until they are the greatest. You can see the entire list of Pro Football Hall of Fame members here.


No Small Parts, Only Small Players

Each position is represented in the Hall of Fame including coaches and contributors, such as owners. Linemen, whether offensive or defensive, outweigh the other positions in numbers. They play hard and to make an impact. You don’t want to get into a bar brawl with these guys. There is only one punter on the list, which astounds me. There are 25 wide receivers on this list and each one was a game changer. These men are the fastest men who can catch a ball to have lived. My favorite category is the coach category! There’s no better way to give back to your sport than to coach younger guys to greatness.

There are 32 teams in the league and they each have three quarterbacks on their roster rotating through the years, so think about that for a moment. That’s hundreds of quarterbacks in the modern era. The inductees have been limited to only 24. Brett Favre is the latest quarterback to have been inducted and that number will increase in the coming years. The retirement of Peyton Manning is a game changer for Pro Football. The young quarterbacks currently playing continue to smash records and are heading for glory.  


Pro Football Hall of Fame Mission

With 303 total members, the Hall has an honorable mission that each living member continues to uphold:

  • Honor the heroes of the game
  • Preserve its history
  • Promote its values
    • Commitment
    • Integrity
    • Courage
    • Respect
    • Excellence
  • Celebrate excellence everywhere

These men have devoted their lives to the great game of football and the Hall of Fame strives to give them the recognition they deserve. Through various programs, the Pro Football Hall of Fame brings those who wear the Gold Jacket closer to their fans. Here at Pro Football Hall of Fame Experiences, we bring these heroes along with us to some of the biggest events of the year. Last year we brought Shannon Sharpe, Thurman Thomas, and Warren Moon to the Kentucky Derby. In 2017, we’re bringing Dermontti Dawson, Charles Haley, Mike Haynes, Floyd Little, Tom Mack, Kevin Greene, Joe DeLamielleure, Lem Barney, and Dan Hampton to our Super Bowl party in Texas. We’ve even planned a cruise to Mexico with James Lofton, Dan Hampton, and Randall McDaniel! We don’t stop there; we bring the party with us to Enshrinement Weekend.


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