Super Bowl LI Predictions

By Allie Shriver


I think it’s safe to say NO ONE saw this coming – the Atlanta Falcons are going to the Super Bowl. Let that sink in for a moment. Of all the glorious football we saw this year from the Packers, the Giants, the Lions, and the Seahawks, it was easy to count the Falcons out. They took the world by storm with their offense during this playoff run and it’s easy now to see they’ve been the dark horse all along.

Now, back in September, we predicted the New England Patriots going all the way. The whole dang world predicted the Patriots going to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is playing better than he ever has and he’s 39 years old. He’s only getting better. His team is indescribable at this point. With a four-game suspension, a backup quarterback who was injured, and the rise of a third string quarterback, the Patriots have done the unthinkable this season. They bounced back with a vengeance after Brady’s suspension and then Gronk, the star tight end went down with yet another injury. This team shines in adversity and this season has proven this. Can they go all the way to glory and bring home another Super Bowl Championship?

The number one ranked offense in the NFL by points scored per game is Atlanta, the Patriots hold the number one ranked defense. This is the eighth Super Bowl in NFL History where the number one offense and number one defense play each other.

Atlanta may not have the strongest defense but they have stepped up their game in the postseason. They know how to put the pressure on the passer and this is something Brady struggles with especially in the postseason. The New England offense is dynamic and they will need to be shut down hard by Atlanta and fast. They must stop running back LeGarrette Blount by any means possible. This will force Brady to throw the ball but they should be ready for anything, he has a plethora of targets. Atlanta won’t want to see Chris Hogan or Julian Edelman catch the ball. We think Atlanta is going to put up quite the fight for the full four quarters of this game.

New England will be hard to score on, it is that simple. Atlanta should be praising any and all powerful beings they worship for bringing them Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. This core receiving team is explosive and New England’s defense will need to be on their A game. New England is known for crushing the passing game. Matt Ryan is quick, methodical, and just plain great at his job. This will be his moment to truly shine and change history, cementing his name in NFL history if he can pull off this win – no pressure.

Our prediction for this game is a New England Patriots win in a high scoring game, 34-28.  

Be There

We think this will be the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Tom Brady has the potential to win his fifth Super Bowl ring. The Falcons have the potential to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Lady Gaga may be seen performing on the ceiling. It’s all too much excitement for us to handle!

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