2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package vs. General Admission Tickets

By Evan Chronis

The market for the 2020 Super Bowl can be quite confusing.

Questions quickly arise about how to buy tickets, how much they cost and much more.

But a new question that has risen in recent years is the difference between buying a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package versus attending with a general admission ticket. 

Before we go any further, let's clarify that there technically isn't a "general admission" ticket for the 2020 Super Bowl. That's not how the marketplace works, but what we're referring to is simply buying a ticket for the game and calling it a day.  

But if you're looking for the difference between a package and a regular ticket, your search stops here. 

Below, we'll break down what's included in a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package from HOF Experiences and compare that to attending with a "general admission" ticket.

Hard Rock Stadium Miami

2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package

Zone Seating at Hard Rock Stadium

When purchasing a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package, you are given the option of selecting from several zones within Hard Rock Stadium. 

The stadium is broken into three levels — Upper Level, Lower/Mid-Level and Premium Lower Level. 

And as far as 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Packages go, the stadium is separated into three color levels — Blue, Red and White. 

Hard Rock Stadium 2020 Super Bowl

When looking to buy your tickets, you have the option of selecting between these levels and even going into the sublevels (Blue G, White D, Red A, etc). 

Access to the Gold Jacket Club

All 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Packages from HOF Experiences come with access to the Gold Jacket Club, a 3-hour pregame party hosted by NFL legend, Hall of Famer and 3-time Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice. 

The Gold Jacket Club is the ultimate hospitality party before the 2020 Super Bowl, featuring gourmet food and a top shelf premium open bar, appearances from current players, alumni and NFL Hall of Famers, a Roundtable Q&A session with Gold Jackets and former players, autograph and photo opportunities and much more.

Former names to appear in the Gold Jacket Club include Barry Sanders, Orlando Pace, Emmitt Smith, Dermontti Dawson, Charles Haley, Floyd Little, Will Shields and more. 

Private Autograph Session

A 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package isn't just about the game on Sunday. 

On Saturday, guests of HOF Experiences are invited to the Saturday Gold Jacket Autograph Session. This event will feature at least five Hall of Famers and gives guests a chance to interact with the Gold Jackets in a more intimate setting while also getting their immortal signature. 

Option to Add Hotel and Transportation Accommodations

It's no secret that finding a hotel for the 2020 Super Bowl is as daunting a task as finding a ticket to the game. 

But those attending with a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package can rest easy knowing that they can kill both of those birds with one stone. 

When buying through HOF Experiences, you're given the option of adding a 3- or 4-night stay at some of the top hotels in the Miami area. All hotels are within 20 miles of Hard Rock Stadium, ensuring that you don't get stranded an hour away from the stadium with the terrifying traffic that takes over the city during the week.

Speaking of traffic, all hotels come with the option of taking HOF Experiences ground transportation to and from the stadium on gameday. This is a one-time transfer that runs from each hotel to the stadium. 

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Year Round Purchasing Option

One of the luxuries of a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package is that they're available year-round. After the conclusion of the 2019 Super Bowl, 2020 packages went on sale immediately. And with no pricing influence from the secondary market, there's no reason to avoid purchasing your 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package early. 

For a better look at the packages available for the 2020 Super Bowl, click below. 

2020 Super Bowl Ticket Packages

2020 Super Bowl General Admission Ticket

Purchase on the Secondary Market

If you're just looking for a ticket to the 2020 Super Bowl, you're likely going to have to purchase through a reseller on the secondary market. Sure, there are ways to get tickets directly from a team — through PSL, partnership connections, lotteries — but the odds are that you'll end up playing the market. 

This has both pros and cons. The pros are that you can find cheap tickets if you pay close attention to price fluctuations and strike at the right time. For example, the prices will fluctuate one way once two teams are locked for the 2020 Super Bowl. If it's a less-than-desirable matchup, you may be able to find tickets at or below face value. 

But the cons are that you have to monitor the market as basically a second job and also there's no guarantee of ticket security when buying on the secondary market. While regulations from the league and sellers are making it harder than ever to sell fraudulent tickets, the risk is still there when buying from secondary sources. 

Potential of Picking Seat at Hard Rock Stadium

For those that are patient, there is a chance that you can pick your seat at the Hard Rock Stadium when buying through secondary sources. While you'll find that sites like VividSeats.com and StubHub.com sell in zones rather than exact seats (like a 2020 Super Bowl Ticket Package), that has the potential to change weeks out from the 2020 Super Bowl. 

Specific tickets are usually allotted a week or two before the 2020 Super Bowl, meaning that secondary sellers are then able to sell specific seats rather than zones. 

If you are very particular about the seat you want and are willing to wait until the last minute to purchase, this strategy may be perfect for you.