The Best 2019 Super Bowl Packages & Game Day Party

By Victoria Barnett

Super Bowl Party

What's better than a party before and after the 2019 Super Bowl? Not much, except for the game itself! We've been in the hospitality business for many years across hundreds of events in multiple countries. We know what makes people tick. We know what people like to see and do. Point blank, we know how to throw a party. We've put together the best 2019 Super Bowl party you can find.

But what makes ours so special? Let me introduce you to our Gold Jacket Club Hospitality hosted by Barry Sanders! Below you will find a few details that highlight our party.  

Your 2019 Super Bowl Package Party Details

Georgia Freight Depot

We are renting out the Georgia Freight Depot for your gameday party! The rustic and charming GA Freight Depot is only a short walk to the stadium (.4 miles to be exact), making it the perfect location for your pre-game and post-game party. With plenty of space and highly efficient staff, you won't have to worry about long lines and overcrowding. 

Pre-Game AND Post-Game

Get ready for 4 total hours of party access: 3 hours pre-game and 1 hour post-game. Our pre-game party kicks off the big game in perfect fashion. But why stop the fun when the game ends? Instead of getting stuck in traffic and trying to rush to the closest bars to celebrate, you can head to our post-game party instead! As a company, we stress the importance of taking care of our customers from beginning to end, which is why we realized that a post-game party is a no brainer. Plus, it's been a huge success in previous years. 

Player Meet & Greets

Don't be fooled by other parties that only feature celebrity or player appearances. That's basically short for "important people may appear but you probably won't get to interact with them in any way, shape or form." Granted, we will have current player and alumni appearances at our party. But we also realize the importance of fan and player interaction. That's why for our 2019 Super Bowl party we are guaranteeing photo opportunities and meet & greets with players.

There will also be a Round Table Q&A. How fun! Does it get any better than this?  If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it's that fans love to meet players of the game. You asked, we answered. We're giving you an experience you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Gourmet Food & Top Shelf Open Bar

We've been to parties before that are seriously lacking when it comes to food. And quite frankly, we can't accept anything other than excellence at ours. Food is a big thing for us - after all, who doesn't love to eat? Besides meeting players, most people are coming to this party for the all-inclusive food and drinks. So why would we feed you something sub-par? We won't.

We make sure to get the best gourmet food in the area so that your stomach is full and happy. And the same goes for the bar! Expect top-shelf liquor, beer, wine, soft drinks and more. The food and drink options will be slightly different for the post-game party (i.e. Select Menu Items, Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks), but still nice to indulge in nonetheless!

2019 Super Bowl


Get 2019 Super Bowl Packages

Want to attend our gameday party? We'd love for you to be there! Each of our 2019 Super Bowl packages includes access to the Gold Jacket Club - the only difference is your seating location! So pick your seat, and you'll be set. Click below to view available seating locations and to select your package. 

2019 Super Bowl Packages