What's Going on in the NFL Right Now

By Allie Shriver


Every year we make predictions, we stick to our traditions, and we pray for our dreams to come true. And every year we’re completely rocked when the NFL dashes our hopes and dreams with terrible 4th quarter losses, player injuries, total upsets, and gasp­ – ties! We’re heading into Week 9 and we’ve seen our fair share of each of these season busters. We’ve also seen some incredible comebacks, inspirational returns, and just good old-fashioned football moments. This is why we live for football season!

With 32 teams, it can be hard to keep up with everything going on in the league. I’m here to help. While you’ve been focused on the successes and failures of your own team, I’ve been following everyone in the league. I’ve shuffled through the hundreds of headlines and plays to bring you:

Five Things to Know About the NHL Right Now:

Tom Brady is back and playing better than ever.

Tom Brady is a winner. He shows up every week knowing he has one job and he must absolutely do it well. Many critics have been waiting for him to start wavering as he reaches age 40. He has shut each of them down with his precision passes and expert decision making on the field. He’s playing some of the best football of his career right now. There’s no denying his talent and he will continue to shine for as long as the Patriots want him – forever.  


Learn the name Dak Prescott.

Say it ain’t so, Cowboys fans may just have to watch their beloved quarterback ride the pine pony even when he’s healthy. Breakout star, Dak Prescott is making a name for himself and winning the hearts of Cowboys fans across the world. He very well could be a permanent replacement for Tony Romo. Romo hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last few seasons which has the NFL world buzzing about his future with the Cowboys. If you ask anyone on the inside, they continue to back Romo as the leader of this team, but don’t let that fool you, I’ve seen Dak avoid eye contact every time he’s said this on camera – shady.  

Cam Newton is starting a discussion.

It’s no secret, I have a soft spot for Cam Newton. Especially since I’m sitting in my Charlotte, NC office writing this piece. After witnessing several low hits on him, in person, from my last row seats at the Panthers-Cardinals game this weekend, I’m thrilled to hear he’s requesting a sit down with the Commish himself. While he receives a lot of criticism for “complaining,” Newton has a very valid point. Calls should be made consistently across the league for every single quarterback hit outside of the rules. This also opens the discussion on all calls made being consistent for every team and position. I don’t think we’ll be ending this discussion anytime soon – justified.


We’ve had two tied games in back to back weeks.

It has been nine years since we last had two ties in a season – heck, it’s been nine year since we last had BACK-TO-BACK ties. First, we saw the most uneventful game of the season with the Seahawks-Cardinals 6-6 tie. This week was followed by the Bengals-Redskins 27-27 tie in London. This isn’t a super significant piece of news, but it’s worth knowing for your next trivia night ­– winning.  


The Bears had only won one game…against the Packers.

Da Bears have been a huge disappointment this season thus far. Last night, that changed when they took down the Vikings in a shocking upset. They played well but did they outplay the Vikings? We’re still reviewing the tapes. Jay Culter showed up last night to win and that’s a big deal.  Even bigger deal? Jordan Howard and it’s not just because he’s on my fantasy team. He’s been filling in the massive hole Matt Forte left behind. The Bears can only go up from here – hopeful.


There you have it, five key things to know about the NFL right now. While the NFL is playing with our emotions, we still love them. Which is why we can’t wait to get to Houston for the game of the year. Super Bowl LI can’t be missed. We’re going to have the best food Texas has to offer, the best seats in the stadium, and Pro Football Hall of Famers. This is the year to be in the crowd! Don’t miss your chance to be at Super Bowl LI.   

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