Who are the Most Popular NFL Teams?

By Victoria Barnett

32 NFL teams. 50 states. Millions of fans.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at which NFL teams reign supreme. First, we’re breaking down which teams are the most popular in the nation. Second, we will look at who is the most likable in the league. Third, we will break down the country to see which team is most popular in each state. Let’s get started!

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Most Popular in the Nation

Dallas Cowboys

The popularity of “America’s Team” remains year after year. You either love them or you hate them, but the Cowboys and Tony Romo certainly have a large fan base. Even through their worst times, fans are still cheering and the team is still somehow relevant.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are the only publicly-owned team and very much a great one at that. They consistently sell out of games even during their less than stellar times. It’s hard not to love this “small town” NFL team who has brought about some of the greatest in the game including Vince Lombardi, Curly Lambeau and Brett Favre.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are another team you either love or hate. There is no middle ground. They don’t rank particularly high on the likeability scale, but their fan base is large. Due to their talent and success plus their evil genius of a coach, it’s really no wonder they are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. And there’s certainly never a dull moment with the Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a large national fan base, and you can see this by going to Steelers’ away games. They’re a genuine team with good talent that has made them a powerhouse over the years. Plus, they’ve won 6 Super Bowls…without controversy, might I add.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been a model of excellence throughout NFL history. Their recent increase in popularity is likely due to Peyton Manning and their Super Bowl success, but nevertheless, they’ve always had a loyal fan base even during their losing seasons.

Most Likable in the Nation

Green Bay Packers

Almost everyone loves the Green Bay Packers…unless you’re a Chicago Bears fan, of course. They’ve consistently been a good team year after year, and there’s no denying they’re fun to watch.

Miami Dolphins

Although not exactly the best team in the NFL in recent history, the Dolphins have just been a fun team to support. The ’72 Dolphins are still the only team to finish a Super Bowl unbeaten and untied and then go on to win the Super Bowl. Then you have the glory years with Dan Marino and his million yards. Plus, the Dolphins were in an Ace Ventura movie, so that takes the cake.  

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs make the list because of their Midwestern charm and diehard fans. They may not have had a lot of success over the years, but their abundance of support from fans makes up for it.

Buffalo Bills

Similar to the Chicago Cubs in the MLB, the Buffalo Bills are the loveable losers in the NFL. How can you not love the team who lost four consecutive Super Bowls? They also have a very loyal and entertaining fan base that makes this underdog team one of the most likeable in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers

People like the Steelers because they don’t take shortcuts to success. They’re a smaller market team from a blue collar town who arguably have some of the greatest owners in sports.

Most Popular By State

Alabama: Atlanta Falcons

Alaska: Seattle Seahawks

Arizona: Arizona Cardinals

Arkansas: Dallas Cowboys

California: San Diego Chargers

Colorado: Denver Broncos

Connecticut: New York Giants

Delaware: Philadelphia Eagles

Florida: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Georgia: Atlanta Falcons

Hawaii: San Francisco 49ers

Idaho: Seattle Seahawks

Illinois: Chicago Bears

Indiana: Indianapolis Colts

Iowa: Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas: Kansas City Chiefs

Kentucky: Cincinnati Bengals

Louisiana: New Orleans Saints

Maine: New England Patriots

Maryland: Baltimore Ravens

Massachusetts: New England Patriots

Michigan: Detroit Lions

Minnesota: Minnesota Vikings

Mississippi: New Orleans Saints

Missouri: Kansas City Chiefs

Montana: Seattle Seahawks

Nebraska: Kansas City Chiefs

Nevada: San Diego Chargers

New Hampshire: New England Patriots

New Jersey: New York Giants

New Mexico: Dallas Cowboys

New York: Buffalo Bills

North Carolina: Carolina Panthers

North Dakota: Minnesota Vikings

Ohio: Cleveland Browns

Oklahoma: Dallas Cowboys

Oregon: Seattle Seahawks

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Eagles

Rhode Island: New England Patriots

South Carolina: Carolina Panthers

South Dakota: Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee: Tennessee Titans

Texas: Dallas Cowboys

Utah: Denver Broncos

Vermont: New England Patriots

Virginia: Washington Redskins

Washington: Seattle Seahawks

West Virginia: Pittsburgh Steelers

Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers

Wyoming: Denver Broncos

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